Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inagural Dude Squad Blog

President's Message

"It takes a big man to cry but an even bigger man to laugh at that man."- Jack Handey

As founder of the Dude Squad I'm honored to officially launch the Dude Squad and Obscure Sports Society Blog. My aspirations for this organization are nothing short of grandiose; I foresee Dude Squad chapters dotting the map in the ongoing stuggle to resist the Oprahfication of America. I'd like to thank those of you who voted me in as president; and as president I want you to know that I will veto any further attempts to formalize the Dude Squad. I'd also like to add that any attempt to seize power by either force or conspiracy will be crushed with an iron fist.

Dude Squad Vision

To provide dudes with an opportunity to think, talk about stuff, make fun of stuff, and eat.


The first meeting of the Dude Squad and Obscure Sports Society in September 2009 was attended by Troy Thorup, Brett Prawitt, Sam Gilstrap, Scott Silva, Scott Taylor, and John Root. We discussed the essay "Self Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson and concluded that if he were still alive we'd let him join Dude Squad. We ate brownies made by the lovely Sarah Root and vanilla ice cream.

Meeting #2 was hosted by Sam Gilstrap in early October 2009 as it was his turn to chose the book. Brett Prawitt, John Root and Troy Thorup also attended. We discussed The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and concluded that it would be great to somehow trigger a trend that would make us rich. Crepes were ruled out. But we did enjoy some brownies and ice cream.

Troy Thorup hosted the November meeting at his place where we sat around the campfire roasting big chunks of meat. He will be receiving the Dude Squad Medal of Honor for having provided such a manly activity. Additionally, we discussed The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, a story about a South African boy and his chicken. With determination, hard work and the help of some colorful mentors he becomes a boxing champion and a unifying leader. The boy, that is, not the chicken. Brett Prawitt, Sam Gilstrap, Leo Bunting, Tyler Wilson, Scott Silva, and John Root attended. We also enjoyed homemade ice cream.

The next Dude Squad meeting will be announced soon. Stay tuned...


  1. John,

    You are an inspiration. I would like to note that our next book is Maus 1 and 2. For most of us, this will be an interesting look into the experiences of a Holocaust survivor. For Bret, it will be another opportunity to explain why the Germans were misunderstood and how none of them didn't support the Hitler or the Nazis. Even though a strong majority of Germans voted them into power, fought in their army and tried to take of the world twice in 25 years. Should be interesting.

  2. I should have taken the opportunity to proofread that last message.

  3. This is certainly not the forum for mindless back and forth banter..or is it? I'm just saying that 74% of the German regular army were draftees. As to our President I fully support and appreciate you efforts. I will follow your mandates but would like to object to Sam's suggestion that we hold hands during our meetings.

  4. John,

    Brilliant! I'm glad to see you settling into your Presidential role so quickly and decisively. As for action items at our next meeting, I would like to formally oppose Bret's addition of "Listening to Kenny G" to our obscure sports list.