Saturday, January 23, 2010

Behold the Man

President's Message

Another successful Dude Squad meeting is in the bag thanks to Scott Silva and his dear wife Christy who was kind enough to allow ten dudes to roast strips of beef on skewers in her living room fireplace. The beef, I'm compelled to add, was marinaded in such a way as to leave me at a loss for superlatives to describe it. Suffice it to say the meat was transcendent. Pre-discussion chatter was lively and not entirely unproductive as we listened to Troy's adventures in China confronting guys with superfluous teeth and playing charades with the Eggman. We also enjoyed Bret's pictures of people with severely disfigured faces. Then we touched lightly on the 'woman question' and decided that reading women authors is permissible but a girl in the Dude Squad would just be too weird. Perhaps next month we should consider building a tree house with the appropriate defenses and signage. Also, we decided that it's ok for Leo to listen to audio books.
Scott initiated discussion with the question: what was the turning point for Greg Mortenson? A number of postulates were presented and some even questioned whether there was an actual turning point in his life. Discussion revolved around the man Greg Mortenson for most of the night and the general consensus was that such selfless service can open doors that most consider locked. We also considered the related topics of education (and decided that California teachers are grossly overpaid), US military involvement in Afghanistan/Pakistan, and earthquakes with Sam telling stories about how he used to impress girls in college.
Of course I'd like to mention our newest initiates, Brent Christensen and Richard Norman and thank them for their contributions and insights. For the record I want to mention all those in attendance on that dark and stormy night, January 21, 2010: Scott Silva, Leo Bunting, Brent Christensen, Richard Norman, Tyler Wilson, John Root, Troy Thorup, Sam Gilstrap, Trevor Beck and Bret Prawitt. Our next book was chosen by Leo Bunting: The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. Discussion is tentatively scheduled for February 25 at Leo's house. Standby for more information.

Gentlemen, go forth and serve.

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