Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh, California!

President's Message

"The attraction and superiority of California are in its days. It has better days, and more of them, than any other country." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tyler Wilson put on one heck of a Dude Squad meeting. Borrowing a recipe from the master of marinades, Scott Silva, he produced a bucket of beef never to be forgotten by any who had the good fortune to partake of its goodness. Speaking of fresh meat, we welcomed two new members to our ranks, Dave Greenall, and Billy Fairbanks. We discussed the ballistics event which appears to be on hold indefinitely due to a busy stake/ward calendar. We discussed Tyler's choice for the month, Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Harvey Dana. Everybody seemed to have enjoyed it, especially the connections it made to California and her storied past. We went around the circle detailing our personal family histories in the Golden State. The Bunting's California origins, for example, antedate the Schooner as well as the mortar and pestle, reaching deep into the mists of antiquity. The Beck family, on the other hand, were part of the not-so-famous California Gold Rush of 2008. For our next meeting we will be reading a book about Bill Bradley. I will have more information about the book as well as the time and place soon. For the record I will attempt to recall all the dudes present at Troy's place on that moonlit night, April 22, 2010: Tyler Wilson, Dave Greenall, Richard Norman, Billy Fairbanks, Bret Prawitt, Troy Thorup, Trevor Beck, Brent Christensen, Sam Gilstrap, Leo Bunting, Scott Silva, and John Root.

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