Saturday, August 28, 2010

King Richard the Lionheart

President' Message

I would like to recognize Richard Norman for providing the Dude Squad with a very memorable and fulfilling feast, literally and figuratively. Indeed, we ate like kings. Our best turnout to date, Richard's meeting proved that if you offer a huge amount of perfectly grilled meat and throw in some tasty beans, you can inveigle a large group of dudes to sit around and discuss a book. I might have to try this approach at school.

In the way of business, we had no accusations or shoot-outs to announce, but we did learn of a friend of Leo's who has been diligently perusing the blog and reading our selections. I'm embarrassed to say that I lost his name, but I'm sure we'll have this cleared up soon. We were joined by Kerry Steed, Tyler's father-in-law as well as two rookies, John and Don. Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to our phantom member, Jeff Stasell, who has not yet made it to a meeting but has expressed regret on a number of occasions for being too busy to attend.

Discussion of Shackleton's journey ranged from individual impressions of the hardships endured by him and the crew to questioning the utility of such adventures and finding applications for the spirit of adventure in our own lives. Tyler gave some rousing speeches about how the Dude Squad needs to get off its collective butt and run a marathon. So in a few short meetings we've gone from ping-pong to talking about marathons. I say we all challenge Bret to a good-ol'-fashioned stick pull and call it good.

Richard, for your valor, courage, and skill with a grill, I hereby dub you King Richard the Lionheart, and recognize your Knights of the Dude Squad: Sam Gilstrap, Scott Silva, John Larson, Billy Fairbanks, Kerry Steed, Don Zimmerman, Bret Prawitt, Troy Thorup, Leo Bunting, Trevor Beck, Tyler Wilson, Brent Christensen, Dave Greenall, and John Root.

Sincerely yours,

King John I

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