Sunday, October 17, 2010

Of War and Peace

President's Message


I thought I would try out a new look for the blog. I think this one looks slightly less tough but a bit more inviting. The next step is to post some photos of us stuffing our faces with pork and I think our fame will grow prodigiously. Then I'll be one step closer to doing Dude Squad full-time. I want to recognize Billy Fairbanks for a hosting a great Dude Squad event complete with flavored sausages, lemonade, chips and other tasty stuff.

Under a peaceful, star-spangled sky we discussed The Killer Angels with Mars, the god of war, looking down approvingly. We discussed the technological aspects of war that change the way it is fought. Leo produced a Civil War era bullet that looked like it could do some damage. We discussed the personalities of the generals. Admiration for those who fought and died was expressed. In all, we concluded that had the Union troops and their sovereigns been less committed to their cause, our American heritage and experience would be radically different from what we now enjoy.

And so with this we move on to an imaginative work by none other than the brilliant Clive Staples Lewis: The Screwtape Letters. I've read that C.S. Lewis, who was a professor of literature at Oxford, was heavily influenced by Milton's Satan in Paradise Lost. So for extra credit I'm going to assign Paradise Lost as well as an interpretive essay comparing the two works. "Oh, if only there were time" I seem to hear you saying. Indeed, if only there were time. The next meeting is now scheduled for Dave Greenall's house, Thursday November 4 at 7:30.

And of course, I would be derelict in my duties were I not to mention all in attendance at Billy's: Scott, Billy, Leo, John L., Richard, Dave, Tyler, Troy, Bret, Sam, George, John, Steve, and John R.

It has been a pleasure,

El Presidente


  1. A brilliant compendium as always. I dig the new look of the blog although it does remind me of a hay fever commercial. Your leadership is as indomitable as Lech Walesa's, whose image you proudly display.

  2. I appreciate your take on the blog's new look. Don't get too used to it though. Now that I know how to change it who knows the wonderful places we'll go... Compendium... nice!